Customer: Interrelate

Location: Sydney, Australia

Company Size: 201-500

Industry:  Non-profit organization

Products & Services: Business Central

"Interrelate is a non-profit organization providing relationship services that specializes in supporting parents and children."

A Cloud-Powered Transformation with Dynamics 365 Business Central


Interrelate, a not-for-profit committed to strengthening bonds within families dedicated to nurturing relationships, especially between parents and children. Blending the professionalism of a corporate entity with the compassion of a not-for-profit, Interrelate spans over 30 physical locations and an online presence, touching the lives of more than 110,000 clients with over 90 years of trusted expertise. Beyond the numbers, Interrelate is a lifeline, connecting people to their communities and culture. Their programs empower families to navigate life's challenges, fostering resilience and strength from primary school to adulthood.

In the midst of their impactful work, Interrelate faced the challenge of an on-premise system, grappling with the complexities of multi-location management. Determined to enhance their reach and streamline operations, they embraced a transformative shift to a cloud-based solution.


Legacy Application Struggles
Interrelate was operating on an on-premise infrastructure, posing challenges such as limited scalability, higher maintenance costs, and potential risks associated with hardware failures. The organization recognized the need to transition to a cloud-based solution for improved flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Navigating Multi-Location Challenges
Interrelate's multi-location departments presented a challenge in terms of coordination and communication. The decentralized nature of the organization made it difficult to streamline processes and ensure consistent collaboration across different locations. The company needed a solution that could effectively manage and integrate operations across various departments and locations simultaneously.

Unintegrated CRM in the NAVVision Environment
Interrelate encountered a notable challenge as the CRM system lacked integration within the NAVVision framework. The absence of integration created hurdles, impacting smooth operations and prompting a need for resolution. The organization was grappling with this challenge, exploring solutions to integrate CRM seamlessly within the existing NAVVision setup to enhance overall operational efficiency.


In the pursuit of overcoming multifaceted challenges, Interrelate strategically embraced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365 BC) as the key to transformative success. This comprehensive solution played a pivotal role in orchestrating a seamless shift from legacy on-premise systems to the cloud. D365 BC emerged as the unifying force, bridging the gap between outdated applications and modern cloud infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition. Its strategic capabilities came to the fore in effectively managing diverse departments across multiple locations during the complex migration, fostering operational synergy. Moreover, D365 BC seamlessly integrated with a CRM solution, providing Interrelate with an enhanced tool for relationship management. The adoption of D365 BC not only addressed challenges but catalyzed a new era of efficiency, agility, and connectivity for Interrelate.


Financial Visibility
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has revolutionized Interrelate's financial landscape. By streamlining financial processes, reducing manual efforts, and expediting tasks like financial close, the platform has empowered the organization with enhanced financial visibility. The improved forecasting capabilities provide valuable insights into future financial scenarios. Real-time access to performance metrics offers a comprehensive view, facilitating more informed decision-making. This newfound clarity not only fortifies compliance and security but also instills confidence in the organization's financial integrity.

Outcomes (KPIs)

Streamlined Operations
The adoption of Dynamics 365 Business Central marked a profound transformation in Interrelate's operations. It effectively dismantled data silos, fostering seamless information flow across departments. Collaborative efforts among teams streamlined significantly, fostering an environment of improved productivity and agility. With data and insights flowing seamlessly, tasks that were once laborious have become more efficient, allowing Interrelate to navigate complex business processes with ease.

Improved Decision-Making
Dynamics 365 has empowered decision-making processes at Interrelate, providing real-time insights crucial for strategic choices. This extends across financial management and customer relationship management. Timely and accurate data has elevated the quality of decision-making, enabling the organization to make informed choices aligned with its goals and aspirations.

Customer Satisfaction
Interrelate's commitment to brand unification and seamless customer interactions has flourished with Dynamics 365. The consolidation of brands has eliminated confusion, offering a unified experience to customers. The ease of customer interaction has translated into higher satisfaction and increased loyalty. This transformation in customer perception underscores the profound impact of Dynamics 365 on Interrelate's relationships with its clientele.

"Interrelate's adoption of Dynamics 365 Business Central was a turning point. It revolutionized our approach to relationship services, making us more agile, cost-effective, and innovative. We streamlined operations and empowered our teams for exceptional outcomes. This partnership was instrumental in our mission to support families."


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