Customer: Team Invest

Location: NSW, Australia

Company Size: 201-500

Industry: Financial Services

Product & Services: Business Central

"TIP Group is an ASX-listed financial institution focused on the transfer of knowledge and wealth between generations."

How Business Central Helped an Investment Firm Transform


TIP Group, formerly Teaminvest Private, is a pioneering private equity firm established in 2012. Their mission was clear from the start to address fundamental challenges in the Australian SME landscape. Initially focused on unlocking capital, strategic advice, and tapping into the expertise of retired leaders, TIP Group made over 10 acquisitions in seven years, each operating independently.

In May 2019, Teaminvest Private was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange as Teaminvest Private Group. However, managing around 18 entities brought complexities, leading to synchronization issues and difficulties consolidating balance sheets. TIP needed a solution that could help in navigating these challenges, reshaping their financial landscape to seamlessly synchronize operations and consolidate balance sheets, in harmony with their enduring commitment.


Legacy Application Struggle
Team Invest grappled with the constraints of legacy applications, creating hurdles in managing their workflow efficiently. The outdated systems hindered operational agility and innovation.

Syncing Struggles Across 18 Entities
Managing a diverse portfolio of approximately 18 companies introduced synchronization challenges. The lack of streamlined communication led to complications in coordinating efforts and sharing crucial information.

Syncing Struggles Across 18 Entities
Managing a diverse portfolio of approximately 18 companies introduced synchronization challenges. The lack of streamlined communication led to complications in coordinating efforts and sharing crucial information.


To overcome their multifaceted challenges, Team Invest embraced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365 BC) as their comprehensive solution. This dynamic solution proved to be the catalyst for their transformation, seamlessly replacing legacy applications and providing a comprehensive platform for workflow management. With D365 BC, syncing issues across their extensive portfolio of 18 companies became a thing of the past, fostering collaboration and enhancing operational efficiency. The robust capabilities of D365 BC also addressed the complexities in accounts consolidation and fixed asset management, offering Team Invest a streamlined approach to financial record-keeping and asset optimization. This strategic adoption marked a pivotal moment in Team Invest's journey, empowering them to navigate their financial landscape with newfound agility and precision.


Enhanced Financial Visibility
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central transformed Team Invest Group's financial operations. It streamlined financial processes, reducing manual effort and accelerating tasks like financial close. With improved forecasting capabilities, the organization gained valuable insights into its financial future. Real-time performance metrics became easily accessible, providing a comprehensive view of financial health. This newfound clarity not only enhanced decision-making but also strengthened compliance and security, ensuring the organization's financial integrity.

Outcomes (KPIs)

Streamlined Operations
The adoption of Dynamics 365 Business Central marked a profound transformation in Team Invest Group's operations. It effectively dismantled the data silos that had once obstructed the flow of information across departments. As a result, the organization now operates with a newfound sense of cohesion and unity. Collaborative efforts among teams have been significantly streamlined, fostering an environment of improved productivity and agility. With data and insights flowing seamlessly, tasks that were once laborious have become more efficient, allowing Team Invest to navigate complex business processes with ease.

Improved Decision-Making
One of the most notable impacts of Dynamics 365 on Team Invest Group has been the empowerment of decision-making processes. Real-time insights harvested from the platform have become the lifeblood of strategic choices. This extends to various facets of the business, including financial management, supply chain optimization, and customer relationship management. The availability of timely and accurate data has elevated the quality of decision-making, enabling the organization to make informed choices that align with its goals and aspirations.

Cost Reduction
The implementation of Dynamics 365, complemented by the introduction of process automation and efficiency improvements, yielded tangible results in the form of significant cost reductions. The organization witnessed a reduction in operational costs across various functions. This financial respite allowed Team Invest Group to allocate resources strategically, diverting them towards areas that fostered innovation and growth. The newfound financial stability has contributed positively to the company's overall financial health.

Customer Satisfaction
Team Invest Group's commitment to brand unification and seamless customer interactions has borne fruit in the form of enhanced customer satisfaction. The consolidation of brands has eliminated confusion and ambiguity, offering a unified and coherent experience to customers. The ease with which customers can now interact with the organization has translated into higher levels of satisfaction and increased customer loyalty. This transformation in customer perception underscores the profound impact of Dynamics 365 on the organization's relationships with its clientele.

"Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has revolutionized our operations at Team Invest Group. With streamlined financial processes, optimized supply chain management, and empowered decision-making, it has made us more agile and cost-effective. Our cost reductions have bolstered our financial health, and we're now delivering a unified experience that delights our customers. This transformation has set us on a path to even greater success."


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