Customer: Interrelate

Location: Sydney, Australia

Company Size: 201-500

Industry:  Non-profit organization

Products & Services: Power BI

"Interrelate is a non-profit organization providing relationship services that specializes in supporting parents and children."

Data-Driven Transformation Journey with Power BI


Interrelate, a distinguished industry leader with decades of experience, found itself at a pivotal crossroads in its operational journey. Despite its rich legacy, the organization was increasingly hamstrung by the limitations of its aging legacy software. This critical juncture was marked by a heavy reliance on labor-intensive manual processes and the disjointed use of various tools, collectively undermining the efficiency of daily operations. These challenges not only eroded productivity but also posed a significant threat to Interrelate's competitiveness in a rapidly evolving market landscape.


Interrelate confronted a myriad of challenges arising from their outdated software infrastructure. The foremost among these challenges was the prevalence of manual workarounds, which not only consumed valuable time but also escalated operational costs. The absence of centralized tools further complicated matters, hindering collaboration and decision-making across the organization. Additionally, as Interrelate extended its reach, the imperative for seamless collaboration with geographically distant offices exposed the inadequacy of their existing infrastructure. These pressing issues created an urgent need for a transformative solution that could rejuvenate Interrelate's operations and propel them into a more efficient and agile future.


In response to these formidable challenges, Interrelate took a strategic step by adopting Power BI, a highly versatile low-code development tool. This decision was driven by Power BI's reputation for enabling transformative change. Interrelate saw Power BI as the linchpin of their strategy to modernize business processes, enhance collaboration, and break free from the constraints imposed by their legacy systems. With meticulous planning and execution, they embarked on a comprehensive journey to fundamentally reshape their operations, setting the stage for a more efficient and competitive future.


Scalable Solutions:

Power BI proved to be a game-changer for Interrelate. It empowered them to adapt swiftly to changing market dynamics, reduce operational costs, and offer services that were not only cost-effective but also differentiated. The platform enabled the development of scalable, mission-critical solutions that effectively addressed their key business challenges, making Interrelate more competitive and agile in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Driving Innovation:

Beyond immediate problem-solving, Power BI catalyzed innovation across the organization. By providing a framework for maintaining governance, security, and quality standards, it encouraged collaboration between citizen developers and professional developers. This synergy led to the creation of advanced solutions and instilled a culture of continuous innovation within Interrelate, resulting in a steady stream of fresh ideas and improved processes.

Efficient Collaboration:

One of the most transformative impacts of Power BI was its ability to streamline collaboration across geographically distant offices. It dismantled data silos, ensuring that data and insights were readily accessible to all teams. Informed decision-making became the norm, and organizational productivity witnessed a remarkable boost.

Outcomes (KPIs)

The incorporation of Power BI represented a pivotal moment in Interrelate's operational landscape, serving as the catalyst for a profound era of application modernization. This strategic move enabled the organization to effectively pivot away from the constraints of their legacy systems towards a more agile and adaptable framework. The impact was tangible, as manual work was substantially reduced, replaced by streamlined, automated processes that optimized efficiency. Moreover, the integration of Power BI fostered seamless collaboration among geographically dispersed offices, breaking down silos and promoting the free flow of data and insights. As a result, Interrelate emerged as a contemporary, interconnected, and highly productive entity, well-prepared to confront future challenges with unwavering confidence and an unwavering commitment to innovation as the cornerstone of their approach.

"Interrelate's adoption of Power BI was a game-changer. It empowered us to streamline operations, reduce costs, and drive innovation. With Power BI, we broke down data silos, enabling informed decision-making and boosting productivity across geographically dispersed offices. Our partnership with Power BI is pivotal in our mission to support families effectively."


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